EVA Report – March 30th

Crew 227 EVA report 30/03/2022
EVA #4
Author: Jean Jacobs

Purpose of EVA: Placing Audrey’s cuvettes outside, placing Cyril’s antenna on Perseverance, and exploring North Ridge

Start time: 13:15 pm
End time: 16:00 pm

Narrative: The five crew members placed the Opportunity and Perseverance in front of the science dome window and transferred Cyril’s antenna from one to the other following his instructions. In the meanwhile, Jean and Audrey placed 10 cuvettes under Martian conditions. After that, the group went up to North Ridge and proceeded to an exploration of the surroundings finding what could be an interesting flat region for Cyril’s radar experiment.

Destination: North Ridge
Coordinates: 518500 E 4251500 N
Participants: Ignacio, Julie, Audrey, Julien, and Jean
Roads and routes per MDRS map: Cow Dung Road 0110
Mode of travel: Rovers Opportunity, Curiosity, and Spirit

Jean Jacobs

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