Journalist Report – May 1st

Crew 265 Journalist Report, April 30, 2022

Sol: 07

Summary Title: A Day of Rest

Author: Sarah Treadwell, Crew Journalist

Today was our first day where all the crew stayed hab bound for the entire day. Personally, even though the day was filled with less activity, it still seemed to pass by quickly. Most of us slept in and then took showers, a luxury around these parts in order to conserve water.

We spent our day cleaning and sharing videos and memories from other experiences. Commander Marc spent some time at a research base in the South Pole and shared photos from that expedition. It is obvious this was a significant experience for him and he does not tire of sharing the stories of his time spent there. If you ever get a chance to meet him, ask him about the 300 club.

We are now prepping for dinner and a movie, a meal that is nicknamed “The Watney ” which is baked potatoes that Commander Marc brought with him. I suppose you can take a wild guess at what movie we are watching while we eat it. Executive Officer Dave shared a favorite show and an antique radio that he collected while we waited for them to bake.

Everyone else continued with their own projects and personal studies today. I was able to capture some extra interview questions with the Commander, one of which is a simple explanation of the radio system and how it is being upgraded. We then had a chance to have a one on one talk for a bit about lessons learned from the past and how to apply it into the future.

He asked me what I have noticed about myself in this experience thus far, and it made me want to end this report by sharing what I personally have noticed. I have learned that in an environment such as this, my insecurities and imposter syndrome feelings become a bit more amplified. I know so many others struggle with this and I wanted to share that I feel it often as well. But instead of believing that little voice that tells me I’m not enough, I think about the challenges I have overcome, the amount of work I have put into myself, and the example I am setting for my children. They will likely never read this report, but I hope I will make them proud.

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.“ – Carl Sagan

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