EVA Report – May 4th

Crew 265 EVA Report 04-05-2022

EVA # 10

Author: Levesque

Purpose of EVA: Long-range communications testing

Start time: 1300
End time: 1600

Narrative: The EVA team drove to Zubrin’s Head and then proceeded on foot to a point 500 meters west for a comms check. They returned to the rovers and drove down the road to repeat the process on foot on a road near White Rock Reservoir and later in White Rock Canyon to the south. They next drove back to the junction of Cow Dung Road and a rough road leading to Barrainca Butte and walked on foot from there to conduct two comm checks along that road. After completing all checks, they returned to the rovers and drove back to the Hab, having to stop twice because of a rover’s overheating.

Destination: Zubrin’s Head, White Rock Canyon, Barrainca Butte areas

Coordinates: UTM NAD27 CONUS 518804 4247962, 520100 4248538, 515968 4254298, 520369, 4247380, 519554 4247285, 518956 4247098

EVA Participants: Iakymov, Blanco, Licea

Road(s) and Routes per MDRS map: Cow Dung Road, Zubrin’s Head, White Rock Reservoir and Canyon, and Barrainca Butte.

Mode of Travel: Perserverance and Opportunity and on foot.

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