Commander Report – November 30th

Sol: 3
Summary Title: Operations and EVA 3
Author’s name: Dr. Kristine Ferrone, Commander
Mission Status: Nominal
Commander’s Report:

Crew 269 experienced another day of beautiful weather on Mars, chilly with light high-altitude clouds and light winds. The crew enjoyed a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup. After a morning planning meeting, HSO collected crew health stats while Technology Officer completed preparations for the afternoon EVA and Engineer and Green Hab Officer performed initial inspection and parts gathering for space suit 7 repair. At 12pm, Technology Officer, Engineer, and Green Hab Officer embarked on EVA #3 to Marble Ritual, the mirror deployment location, and along Cow Dung Rd. towards Galileo Rd. The 3-hour EVA was nominal and included data collection at multiple locations using a remote control mini-ATV with cameras and a virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) headset. After the EVA, HSO, CDR, XO, and Engineer completed training and workouts with the portable fitness equipment while Green Hab Officer collected the first harvest of the mission of microgreens and radish stems and included them with a dinner of seared spam with mustard glaze over scalloped potatoes.

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