Journalist Report – November 30th

Crew 269 Journalist Report
Date: 30 Nov 2022
Sol: 3
Author: Barbara Braun, Health and Safety Officer

Crew 269 is settling into life on Mars! This morning the crew had fresh pancakes for breakfast, courtesy of Green Hab Officer Matt Eby. After health and safety checks, three members of the crew (Tech Officer Trevor Jahn, Crew Engineer Ashley Kowalski, and Green Hab Officer Matt Eby) prepared for a long EVA to continue collecting 3D model data. The crew was able to demonstrate an augmented reality headset at various locations in the area of the Hab and the Marble Ritual rock formation. The team also checked on the placement of the mirrors deployed on Sol 1 and mapped the area around the mirrors using “Goose,” our mini-rover. Before setting out, the EVA crew was able to consult with “tech support” via the time-delay Discord server to determine how to clean its main EVA camera, which had a small piece of debris on one of its internal mirrors.

While the EVA crew conducted its mission, the three remaining crew members (Commander Kristine Ferrone, Executive Officer Alli Taylor, and Health and Safety Officer Barbara Braun) set up the compact fitness gear in the lower deck of the Hab. The HSO gave a demonstration of the fitness gear to the Commander and XO and discussed fitness goals and protocols for the mission. The team took turns working out using the fitness gear and videos and several members of the crew rewarded themselves with quick “Navy-style” showers in the Hab!

Once back from his EVA, Green Hab Officer Eby visited the Green Hab to harvest some microgreens, which he and Crew Engineer Kowalski used to supplement a Martian dinner of seared Spam (yes, Spam!) over scalloped potatoes and peas. The crew had a dessert of rice pudding and settled in to review the 3D footage from the day and to plan the next day’s adventures.

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