Journalist Report – December 4th

Sol: 7
Author: Alli Taylor, Executive Officer
Title: Soup & Suits

After a Saturday night of trivia and belly laughs, the crew was able to sleep in for a more relaxed Sunday. I started the day by baking an experimental quiche casserole created with rehydrated ingredients including potato, egg, spinach, and Colby cheese. With ketchup, I found the dish quite edible and was surprised to find most of the crew seemed to enjoy it as well. Shortly after brunch we began suiting up Commander Kristine Ferrone, Technology Officer Trevor Jahn, and GreenHab Officer Matthew Eby for a short EVA around the vicinity of the Habitat. With the winds calm, Vixl the drone could be heard whirring through two pre-planned flight paths. While I ran IVA comms for the EVA crew, HSO Barbara Braun and Crew Engineer Ashley Kowalski could be heard troubleshooting spacesuits, carefully narrowing down possible root causes for anomalous battery charging to discover a faulty power strip. I was able to squeeze in a 15 minute cardio blast between comm check intervals as the trio outside the habitat flew Vixl on the pre-planned flight paths collecting a plethora of imagery. With a successful deployment of the ham radio antenna and completed drone flights, the crew returned from EVA. Ashley began cooking a late lunch of cheddar and broccoli soup, and the crew came together to share stories from experiences in EMT training and volunteer rescue. In the late afternoon the crew split up to work on individual reports, exercises, ham radio operations, and dinner prep. Meal time has definitely been something to look forward to as we work through our daily operations, with unjustifiably delicious outcomes thus far. The crew remains optimistic and generally in good spirits with regard to our mission, and I look forward to accomplishing our remaining goals and accumulating more lessons learned over the coming week.

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