EVA Report – December 5th

EVA # 10
Author: A. Taylor
Purpose of EVA: Retrieve mirror payload and return it to airlock, test EVA sampling tools (radiation sensor, rake, scoop, sample bags).
Start time: 9:01 AM MT
End time: 11:19 AM MT
Narrative: Ferrone, Braun, and Taylor departed the airlock and headed northeast of the Hab to pick up the mirror coating experiment for inspection and had the payload back in the airlock by 9:15 am. From there the crew took off on the rovers (Taylor and Braun on Curi, and Ferrone on Percy) south on Cow Dung Rd approaching Kissing Camel Ridge. The crew parked the rovers just past the ridge near Robert’s Rock Garden. The trio made their way around the back of the West Kissing Camel Ridge, traversing a large flat area with large boulders on the right. They made their way up red hills and found a path up the side of Hab Ridge to Hab Ridge Rd. The crew took a regolith sample at the top of Hab Ridge. At the halfway mark of the EVA the crew made their way back down the same trail, stopping to take a second regolith sample at the bottom of Kissing Camel Ridge. For both regolith collections the crew used the rake to scrape away the top surface and then scooped the dirt into the handheld sifter, collecting 75 micron size and smaller samples in the special collection bags.
Destination: Stop 1: Retrieve Mirror Payload NE of the hab (not quite to Cow Dung Rd or Marble Ritual) and return to hab. Stop 2: Rovers South on Cow Dung Rd to park near Kissing Camel Ridge – Walk West toward Robert’s Rock Garden and up to Hab Ridge Rd and then back down to Rovers.
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 4249200, 518500
Participants: Commander (Ferrone), XO (Taylor), HSO (Braun)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Rd. (0110) to Kissing Camel Ridge area
Mode of travel: Rovers (Curi & Percy) and walking

EVA # 11
Author: A. Taylor
Purpose of EVA: Return Mirror Payload and conduct handheld Ham Radio range test.
Start time: 1:53 PM MT
End time: 3:32 PM MT
Narrative: Eby and Kowalski departed the airlock with the mirror surface payload and returned it to its deployment location for one more stint in the Martian environment. From there, they traversed toward the north ridge to test the ham radio operations. The crew traversed up Sagan St toward the North Ridge, and with no obvious path up North Ridge continued westward on Sagan St. toward the intersection with Hab Ridge Rd. Ham radio comms were nominal, even more clear than EVA radios. The crew then made their way back to the deployed mirror location to record the humidity and temperature at the site before returning to the habitat.
Destination: Stop 1: Redeploy Mirror Payload NE of the hab (not quite to Cow Dung Rd or Marble Ritual), Stop 2: Up Sagan St. toward North Ridge stopping before Hab Ridge Rd.
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 4252000, 518500
Participants: Crew Engineer (Kowalski), GreenHab (Eby)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Hab to Sagan St (1103)
Mode of travel: Rovers Walking

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