Journalist Report – December 5th

Sol: 8
Author: Barbara Braun, Health and Safety Officer
Title: Kissing Camels and Ham Radios

Sol 8 dawned slightly overcast on Mars, but the fresh pancakes made by Green Hab Officer Matt Eby made up for any lack of sunshine. Fortified by this excellent breakfast, Commander Kristine Ferrone, XO Alli Taylor, and Health and Safety Officer Barbara Braun left on the first EVA of the day. The team retrieved the mirror coating experiment for analysis by Crew Engineer Ashley Kowalski, and after stowing the payload in the airlock, headed toward Kissing Camel Ridge on a pair of crew rovers. South of Kissing Camel Ridge they parked Curiosity and Perseverance and ventured out on foot to the west of the road. After crossing a flat plain strewn with large rocks, they ascended through several foothills to Hab Ridge Road, where they were rewarded with beautiful views and multiple samples of regolith. After admiring the views and examining a large cache of small shell-like rocks, the team descended back to the rovers and returned to the Hab.

Meanwhile, Ashley completed her analysis of the mirror samples and prepared for an EVA of her own with Green Hab Officer Matt Eby. Ashley and Matt returned the mirror sample payload to its location for one final round of exposure to the elements. The duo then proceeded up Sagan Street to conduct tests of ham radio communications with Kristine and Barbara back at the Hab. Space exploration may seem glamorous, but there is always the element of the mundane: HSO Barbara Braun spent a good portion of the afternoon troubleshooting the Hab toilet. After this unpleasant task was successfully concluded, and afternoon exercise sessions were completed, the crew settled in for the much more enjoyable activity of eating a dinner of jambalaya, sourdough, and fresh greens harvested by Matt from the Green Hab.

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