GreenHab Report – December 6th

GreenHab Officer: Matthew Eby
Environmental control: Heater on, door closed, 20% humidity.
Average temperatures: 67-deg F at time of watering. Range prior 24 hours: 64-deg F – 83-deg F
Hours of supplemental light: 4 hours
Daily water usage for crops: Approximately 5 gallons
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: 0 gallons
Water in Blue Tank: Approximately 200 gallons (Based on a 250 gallon capacity, visually 80% full)
Time(s) of watering for crops: 5:30 PM
Changes to crops: None
Narrative: Today two notes of interest, first, one of the distressed pea plants flowered, and second a correction to a prior report, the pea plant that sprouted is actually a bean plant (and is growing vigorously, already 6” tall).
Harvest: None
Support/supplies needed: None needed at this time.

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