Sol Summary – December 6th

Sol: 9
Summary Title: Colorful Buttes
Author’s name: Matt Eby
Mission Status: In-Simulation
Sol Activity Summary: Photogrammetry of mirror experiment location and along Cow Dung Road, excursion to Barrainca Butte to collect a soil sample, and dry-run of balloon flight procedure.
Look Ahead Plan: Flip and reset mirror experiment, local EVA for Project Phantom.
Anomalies in work: EVA headset #3 transmission issue.
Weather: Calm winds throughout. Cloudy skies early, sunshine briefly in the afternoon before clouds returned by dusk.
Crew Physical Status: Crew is in good shape, nothing of concern to note.
EVA: EVA# 1 led by the XO, with Technology Officer and Health and Safety Officer, traveled in the local area by foot with a single rover to transport gear. 3 hour duration. EVA #2 with Commander, Crew Engineer and GreenHab Officer traveled South to the intersection with route 1101, and then proceeded on foot to Barrainca Butte, 2 1/2 hour duration by rover and foot.
Reports to be filed: Journalist, Commander, Operations, Photos, EVA report, EVA request, GreenHab
Support Requested: N/A

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