Journalist Report – December 7th

Sol: 10
Author: Dr. Kristine Ferrone, Commander
Title: Snow Day!

This morning the crew awoke to a winter wonderland outside; the landscape surrounding MDRS that had just started to become familiar was once again new and different with a soft white blanket over the ruddy rock formations. The crew consulted with Tier 1 mission support regarding their EVA plans for the day and decided that a short EVA to repair the mirror sample payload justified the additional risk of traversing the muddy terrain. Health and Safety Officer (Barbara Braun) and Crew Engineer (Ashley Kowalski) embarked in the late morning (with Green Hab Officer Matt Eby leading IVA comms) to the mirror payload location and worked through some realistic astronaut challenges such as working with tools and fasteners not specifically designed for use while wearing an EVA suit, bringing to mind the challenge Astronaut Mike Massimino experienced in removing tiny screws from a panel of the Hubble Space Telescope on a Space Shuttle EVA on STS-125. During the EVA, Technology Officer (Trevor Jahn) worked through challenges with data processing for Project Phantom while Commander (Kristine Ferrone) and XO (Alli Taylor) worked on planning, mission summary reports, and coordination for Friday’s STEM event. After the EVA, the crew settled in with hot chocolate to work on reports and begin preparation for end of mission activities. For dinner, Ashley and Trevor made extra large black bean burgers with microgreens Matt harvested from the Green Hab, served on homemade sourdough buns made by Barbara.

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