EVA Report – December 8th

EVA # 15
Author: M. Eby
Purpose of EVA: Deploy high altitude balloon experiment, retrieve mirror experiment for final inspection.
Start time: 12:01 PM
End time: 2:25 PM
Narrative: EVA crew departed the airlock in groups of 2 and 1, carrying the balloon experiment and the balloon inflation gear. The balloon was filled on the South side of the Hab, requiring 30 minutes to reach the target buoyancy (approximately 150 cubic feet of Helium). Once the balloon neck was tied off, the crew walked the balloon and the experiment to the North side of the Hab. From there, the experiment was powered up. The GreenHab Officer had to return to the Hab via the airlock to troubleshoot the telemetry ground terminal, with help from the Health and Safety Officer. After getting the telemetry flowing, the GreenHab Officer departed via the airlock and the XO connected the balloon train. The Commander then released the balloon, carrying the payload aloft. In calm air near the ground, the balloon lazily drifted over Hab ridge before turning East and catching the Jetstream over Hanksville. The EVA crew then transitioned to the mirror experiment location and retrieved the mirrors, bringing them back to the airlock. Once back in the Hab, the crew tracked the balloon as it rose to the target altitude of 90,000 feet and then as it descended over the Colorado Rockies (see attached image).
Destination: North side of the Hab, and to Mirrors Experiment (near Cow Dung Road & Marble Ritual).
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 4251000, 518500
Participants: Commander (Ferrone), XO (Taylor), GreenHab Officer (Eby)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Moon Walk Road
Mode of travel: Walking

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