Sol Summary – December 5th

Sol: 1

Summary Title: Science in Sim

Author’s name: Jen Carver-Hunter and Jordan Chaves

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: This morning the crew was all up and gathered for breakfast at 8:30. Commander Jen and Jordan made breakfast (freeze dried eggs were weird). It was a bright sunny morning, and the sunrise colors made the sky pink and orange. In the morning we heard a presentation from an aerospace engineer, which also inspired good conversation about applications on mars and mars rovers. Afterwards, we did a training on spacesuit set up and usage, chose our style and got prepared for afternoon EVA. We took a short break followed by a weird lunch of canned ham and ketchup (aka soggy tomatoes).

After lunch we prepped for EVA. We bundled up in order to be warm and packed waters and cameras. We went through the airlock and exited the hab in 2 groups.

When we came back from EVA the hab smelled like shit because the toilet had just been cleaned/emptied and everyone had to pee. We took another break before going to the science dome to sort rocks and set up a lab. We collected beginning data for our selenite samples, and each put one in moving water and one in the oven. This evening we ate Italian for dinner, followed by funfetti cake for dessert. Games tonight for those of us who can stay awake.

Look Ahead Plan: Lab Continuation of fieldwork lab, biosignature identification EVA, Education + MDRS roundtable discussion

Anomalies in work: No anomalies

Weather: Chilly (approx. 40 deg F), partly sunny, calm

Crew Physical Status: good physical status for all

EVA: Geologic sample collection at Road to Barranca Butte and near Kissing Camel Ridge

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, EVA Request, EVA Report

Support Requested: None at this time

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