GreenHab Report – January 2nd

Crew 272 GreenHab Report 02-01-2023
GreenHab Officer: Madelyn Whitaker
Environmental control: heater, door open
Average temperatures: 70 F, 21 C
Hours of supplemental light: 4 hours
Daily water usage for crops: 4 gallons
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: 1 gallon
Water in Blue Tank : 295 gallons
Time(s) of watering for crops: 1300 (Dr. Rupert), 1630
Changes to crops: N/A, harvest listed below
Narrative: Took a variety of herbs for use at lunch and dinner and beans to snack on, identified harvest of unknown plant as Daikon radish, cleared out some wilting and dead leaves from beanstalk.
Harvest: (include which crop and mass in grams): 41g beans, 5g chives, 2g thyme, 5g dill, 140 g of Daikon radish
Support/supplies needed: N/A

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