Sol Summary – January 2nd

Sol: 1
Summary Title: Redusters Training and Photoshoot
Author’s name: Kshitij Mall
Mission Status: Nominal, will enter the sim tomorrow when weather permits
Sol Activity Summary: The crew is well situated in the hab and started getting used to living in their Martian home while conserving energy to carefully utilize the solar power on cloudy sols. Training on radio comms, suits, and MDRS maps was completed. Furthermore, the protocols to safely and properly use the GreenHab, Science Dome, RAM, and Hab were further explained, and all necessary training was successfully completed. Since weather was not conducive for EVAs and for rover training due to muddy and damp Martian roads, both these events have been pushed to tomorrow. We instead got some drone testing done and some cool drone videography of MDRS with an amazing backdrop of the Sun spot-lighting the North Ridge and surrounding areas. Additionally, the crew completed cognitive performance tests and personal surveys requested by Crew Scientist/XO, Arly "Maple" Black, pre-mission and evening questionnaires requested by Andres Kaosaar (a doctoral student in the TRACE lab, University of Central Florida) doing his approved research at MDRS, and Off-Road Vehicle Certification mandated by Utah officials.
Look Ahead Plan: Complete the rover training tomorrow at 1000 and enter sim at 1200 if the weather permits. Then, embark on 2 EVAs upon approval to get all the crew members well versed and comfortable with using radio comms, rovers, and work with suits.
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: Rainy in the morning, intermittent sunlight after 1200
Crew Physical Status: Good
EVA: None
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations, Journalist Report, HSO Checklist, EVA Request, Greenhab Report.
Support Requested: Would need some information about the transmitting frequencies of MDRS Ham and the repeater in order to analyze using them for the Radio Navigation project.

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