Sol Summary – January 7th

Sol: 6
Summary Title: Rock the Chasma
Author’s name: Kshitij Mall
Mission Status: All nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
The crew woke up slightly later than the usual wake up time of 7:30 AM. At 8:15 AM we conducted a brief stretching exercise session. The breakfast for the sol was Oatmeal and rehydrated fruits, prepared by Crew Geologist Adriana and supported by XO Arly. Three crew deaths (including me in yestersol’s EVA) followed by one-time-resurrection performed by the remaining crew members using the Sanjeevani Buti (a resurrection technology from ancient India provided to us by the Mission Support) forced our crew to re-approach the EVAs with more caution, which any Martian crew would do. The EVA today comprised Adriana, Arly, HSO Megan, and Crew Engineer Mason, each with a particular objective. The EVA crew made out of the hab toward the rovers in time, but just like yestersol, the comms issue kicked in. Mason and Megan both had comms issue, which were fixed by the Hab team comprising me, Crew Journalist Kenneth, and Greenhab Officer Madelyn. The EVA crew was then off to hammer some rocks in Candor Chasma that we ventured a bit yestersol. The primary objective of the EVA crew was to find paleoflow indicators and sampling Candor Chasma. Megan was taking photos while Arly was noting down the information of the samples collected by Adriana. The drone, Garud, was used for some group videos, and then was used to identify the most interesting site and the best route to that site. All the EVA objectives were successfully met without any casualty this time. Lots of rocks were collected and brought back to the Hab.
The 3D printer (named PIMA by our HSO Megan whose full form she knows the best) was working full force to create a rock hammer, which should be ready by tomorrow for use in our future geological EVAs. Madelyn planted more seeds, harvested Dill, Basil, Micro Greens and Chives, watered twice the existing Martian crop in the Greenhab during the day. I finally approved the first showers for the crew and 4 crewmates including myself got lucky to wash off some Martian dirt from our bodies. We did feel fresh and light after the much-awaited showers. Even with 4 showers, the crew was able to just use 26 gallons of water.
Mission Support got emergency replacements for our radio headsets using an interplanetary cargo ship. Mason and I checked the new headsets. Megan also performed our mid-mission Covid tests, and a positively energized crew did turn out to be negative on the Covid test, which enables us to complete the mission safely. Dinner of the sol was (delicious) Dill Bread and Mediterranean Powerbowls prepared by Madelyn using food resources from the Greenhab and Hab Sweet Hab. The crew is excited to take a break from the EVAs tomorrow and enjoy the Martian vibes at the Hab while having even more crew bonding sessions comprising watching a Bollywood movie (first time for most crew members), playing games, napping, and showers for remaining unbathed members.
Look Ahead Plan: Taking a day off tomorrow
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: Sunny day with few clouds, winds calm
Crew Physical Status: Good
EVA: One
Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Journalist Report, EVA Report, Greenhab Report, HSO Covid Test Report.
Support Requested: None

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