EVA Report – February 4th

Crew 274 EVA Report 04-02-2023

EVA # 6

Author: Sarah E. Guthrie, Commander

Purpose of EVA: EEVAC-1 (supply cache) data collection to ensure safe usage for future EVAs.

Start time: 10:00am

End time: 11:30am

Narrative: EVA #5 purpose was to deploy the logistics cache in a specific location which will be retrieved in EVA #7. The crew exited the habitat at 10:00 and proceeded on their route to the cache via Rovers Percy and Curiosity at 10:04am. They arrived at the cache at 10:13am and began taking measurements of the cache which included collecting data readings on internal and external cache temperature, cache power consumption, internal and external cache condition, and temperature and radiation readings on the fruit experiment both inside and outside of the cache. The crew did have to retake into the ground the solar panels which the cord holding them down came loose, however the solar panels were undamaged. The crew proceeded back to the habitat at 11:13am and returned to the habitat at 11:23am, ingressing at 11:27am.

Destination: South on Cow Dung Road, near Zubrin’s Head.

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N4248400, E519300

Participants: Nicholas Pender (HSO), Bill O’Hara (Journalist), Lex Lojek (Engineer), and Tyler Hines (Greenhab)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: EVA #5’s (map provided) purpose is to drive to EEVAC-1 deployed at N4248400, E519300 via south on Cow Dung Road near Zubrin’s Head.

Mode of travel: Rovers Curiosity/Percy

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