Sol Summary Report – February 9th



Crew 274 Sol Summary Report 02-09-2023

Sol: 11

Summary Title: Finale

Author’s name: Sarah E. Guthrie (“Ceres”), Commander

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: As the crew closes up research projects for this mission, they completed the last EVA this morning. Two teams retrieved the logistics cache which rested for a week in the “Martian” desert. The Greenhab Officer Tyler gathered a few more fresh tomatoes to add to the crew’s dinner and Crew Journalist DiBernardo wraps up final documentary videos and interviews of the crew. Astronomers Pena and Loy captured massive promenices and large sunspot groupings from the solar telescope bringing an exciting end to their projects.

Look Ahead Plan: The crew prepares for wrapping up its first mission at the Mars Desert Research Station with final reports, cleaning, and spending their last night together.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny, 0C High, -8C Low; sunny

Crew Physical Status: Energetic

EVA: EVA #12, retrieval of the cache completed – successful

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations, EVA Report, GHO Report, and Astronomy Report.

Support Requested: None

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