Crew Bios – February 12th

Alexandre Vinas, Crew Astronomer
After a preparatory classes at the Pierre de Fermat school in Toulouse, it is at ISAE-Supaero that this space lover from Bordeaux can fulfull his space exploration dreams. Now in first year of Master, he will be Crew 275’s astronomer and will conduct an astronomy project about asteroid lightcurves at the Mars Desert Research Station.

Alice Chapiron, Crew Scientist
Alice Chapiron is a first year Master student at the French engineering school ISAE-Supaero located in Toulouse. She joined this school after two years of preparatory classes in the Lycée du Parc in Lyon. She chose this university in order to cultivate her passion for space exploration. She is passionate about science and wishes to complete a PhD in planetology.

Adrien Tison, GreenHab Office
Adrien has always had his eyes on the stars and also dreams of reaching the Moon (or even Mars). He joined ISAE-Supaero to give himself every chance of realizing this dream. Famous students from his school have shown the way and now he wants to participate and bring his convictions, values, seriousness, and skills to space exploration. He aims at contributing to technological advancements and being part of this formidable human adventure that breaks all borders. He will take part in this mission as GreenHab officer.

Marie Delaroche, Crew Journalist
After graduating from High School at the Lycée Français de New York and attending preparatory classes in Versailles for two years, Marie joined ISAE-Supaero with a single dream in mind: contributing to space exploration. As an aspiring writer and photographer, she will be Crew 275’s onboard journalist, in charge of outreach and documenting the mission.

Corentin Senaux, Health and Safety Officer
Corentin SENAUX is a first year Master student in aerospace engineering at ISAE-Supaero. Passionate about space, he aspires to work in a space agency to prepare future missions. Aware of environmental issues, he sees space as a way to get closer to Earth by knowing it better through space sciences. Athletic and joyful, he is committed to maintain the crew’s mental and physical health throughout the mission.

Quentin Royer, Crew Engineer
A long time space enthusiast, Quentin Royer joined MDRS Crew 275 as Crew Engineer. As a student in aerospace engineering at ISAE-Supaero, he will seize the opportunity of this MDRS analog mission to perform experiments and testing equipment that could be used in space in the future. Quentin is interested both by research and engineering and would like to work in human spaceflight or satellite operations. During the mission, he will have to make sure that all the vital equipment works properly, as well as all the technical experiments.

Jérémy Rabineau, Commander
After completing a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering at ISAE-Supaero, Jérémy Rabineau is now studying Space Physiology at Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). He especially focuses on the cardiovascular system of astronauts and crews on Antarctic stations. He will be the Commander of Crew 275 during this month-long mission at the MDRS.

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