Operations Report – February 14th



Crew 275 Operations Report

14th Feb 2023

SOL: 2

Name of person filing report: Quentin ROYER
Non-nominal systems:
• Toilets
• Leftmost knob of stove
• RAM: 1 leak in the roof
• Science Dome: 2 leaks in the walls

Notes on non-nominal systems:
• Leftmost knob of stove: the knob was not working, so we removed it and used the 3D-printed one which is next to it. As we have a 3D-printer (we have not tried it yet), we might 3D-print a new knob before the end of the mission, with your approval.
• RAM: 1 leak in the roof, probably due to snow. There is approximately one drop every four seconds. We discovered the leak during the afternoon and have taken appropriate measures. We placed a bucket under the leak (at 4:20 pm), to collect the water. We removed every sensitive items from the ground and covered them with tarps. I took pictures of the current situation and can send them to you if that can help.
• Science Dome: 1 leak coming from the junction between the ground and the wall under the window. A small amount of water leaked from the outside and flowed into the Science Dome. The puddle was about 1 cm high, 5 cm wide, and 3 meters long at 5:00 pm, and is located close to an electric socket. 1 leak coming from the junction between the ground and the wall near the door. The puddle was about 0.5 cm high, 3 cm wide, and 70 cm long at 5:00 pm. This second puddle partially dried during the afternoon. I took pictures of the situation if you need.

Spirit rover used: No
• Hours: 208.9
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: N/A
• Currently charging: Yes

Opportunity rover used: No
• Hours: 113.0
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: N/A
• Currently charging: Yes

Curiosity rover used: No
• Hours: 220.8
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: N/A
• Currently charging: Yes

Perseverance rover used: No
• Hours: 255.4
• Beginning charge: 100%
• Ending charge: N/A
• Currently charging: Yes

General notes on rovers: No EVA today – the rovers were not used.

Summary of Hab operations: The crew conducted routine activities including deployment of experiments.
• WATER USE: 18.07 gallons
• Water: 440.34 gallons
• Static tank pipe heater: On
• Static tank heater: On
• Toilet tank emptied: Yes

Summary of internet: Hughes Net was used during the day before the opening of COMMS for email purposes, and Starlink is used during COMMS. Environmental sensors were connected to Outpost 2g local network. We use the latter to have a communication between the sensors and a computer. No internet data should be used through this process, as we only use it locally.

Summary of suits and radios: Spacesuits were not used today, as there was no EVA. Spacesuit n°6 was repaired yesterday and is not considered as non-nominal anymore.

Summary of GreenHab operations: The Crew botanist set up the aquaponics system, harvested and watered the crops. He also seeded carrots.
• WATER USE: 14.25 gallons
• Heater: On
• Supplemental light: From 10 pm to 2 am
• Harvest: 166 g of carrots (without leaves, and 364 g with leaves) – 2 g of thyme

Summary of ScienceDome operations: The Commander and crew Scientist tested some experimental protocols, and observations were performed with regards to the leaks. An environmental sensor was placed on the table.
• Dual split: Heat / From 10 pm to 7 am

Summary of RAM operations: Crew Engineer and crew Astronomer trained to build the weather station which will be set up during an EVA later on. Countermeasures were taken with regard to the leak. RAM operations were suspended at 11 am because of the very cold conditions in the RAM.

Summary of any observatory issues: Nothing to report.

Summary of health and safety issues: A crew member slightly hurt their finger during routine operations.

Questions, concerns, and requests to Mission Support:
• Does the astronomer have his own wifi network to plan the observations? If so, what are the login and password? If not, which wifi network should he use to plan observations?
• Would it be possible to have an extended use of the Starlink network? We have one experiment which will require a 24/7 access to a good internet connection. It will not use much data (we can monitor it with you on the first days, and reduce it if needed). Would it be possible to have a 24/7 access to Starlink? Again, we will not use it all the time, we will use it during random moments of the day.
• If the previous request is not possible, is it possible to have a supplemental access to Starlink between 2 pm and 5 pm?

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