Journalist Report – February 15th



Sol 3 – Waiting for a Martian spring;

“It was quiet in the deep morning of Mars, as quiet as a cool and black well, with stars shining in the canal waters, […] the moons gone, the torches cold, the stone amphitheaters deserted.”

– Chapter 3 of The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Me and my fellow Martians awoke this morning, some of us not as well rested as they hoped, and looked out the Hab window to find that the sky had not cleared, possibly impacting the EVA planned on Sol 4 to install MegaAres and LOAC. After the daily health status check session and a forcibly shortened workout session, we went to work: Corentin, Alexandre and I practiced building the Mega Ares antenna, with a few mishaps and unexpected breakage. Meanwhile, Alice made our first batch of bread (!) while Quentin started mounting the environmental sensors.

The test session for the EchoFinder experiment, designed to aid astronauts in performing ultrasounds using an AI and augmented reality, was a bit chaotic: The support arm used to maintain the tablet was not usable, and one of the two QR cubes used to track the device was wrongly positioned. We will make some adjustments before the first actual session takes place later this week.

After a very active morning, eating Alice’s freshly baked bread for lunch was the perfect fixer upper. A few laughs and a good meal gave us the energy to continue plowing through the day. In the afternoon, the Hab went somewhat quiet as everyone went their separate ways to complete their tasks, and took turns completing cognitive tests and posture analyses. By 6pm, thanks to Alexandre, the MegaAres antenna was ready for tomorrow’s important EVA!

In sum, a quiet Sol, in anticipation and preparation of the next.

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