EVA Report – February 21th

Crew 275 EVA Report 21-02-2023

EVA # 7

Author: Alexandre VINAS (crew astronomer and EVA leader)

Purpose of EVA: Installation of the LOAC instrument & Maintenance of the other atmospheric instruments

Start time: 9:00

End time: 10:41


9:01 EVA crew entered the airlock

9:27 Installation of the LOAC. To be launched, the LOAC just requires to be connected to a battery and to be turned on. This was successfully done.

10:16 Removal of a part of the MegaAres antenna for maintenance. The spheric part of the antenna had to be removed very carefully to not damage the rest of the mast. It was a success as well.

10:29 Removal of the upper mast of the weather station. A piece of tape had to be removed to take the upper mast away carefully. All the purposes of the EVA have been accomplished.

10:34 EVA crew back in the MDRS with the material to be fixed.

10:41 End of the depressurization. EVA crew back to the Hab.

Destination: Between the Hab and Marble Ritual near the road.

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N4251000 E518500

Participants: EVA leader : Alexandre Vinas (Crew Astronomer), Marie Delaroche (Crew Journalist), Corentin Senaux (HSO)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: See attached file

Mode of travel: Walking

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