EVA Report – February 22th

Crew 275 EVA Report 22Feb2023

EVA # 8

Author: Marie Delaroche, EVA Leader and Crew Journalist

Purpose of EVA: The purpose of the EVA was to perform the photogrammetry experiment with the 2D map.

First, as we were on our way to North Ridge, we checked on the LOAC, the Purple Air instrument and the MegaAres.

We then went to North Ridge where the two subjects of the experiment tried to reach specific checkpoints while the operator of the experiment onsite took time measurements and drew their trajectory on a map. In addition, the two subjects were equipped with a step counter.

Note: Because it rained during the night and there was further risk of precipitation, we focused on retrieving the LOAC, as this device can be damaged by rain and humidity.

Start time: 9:10

End time: 10:30


09:10: Airlock closed.

09:15: EVA crew exits airlock.

09:17: All equipment stowed in Perseverance trunk, both rovers unplugged.

09:19: EVA crew is cleared for departure by HabCom.

09:21: Arrival at the MegaAres site near Marble Ritual. Due to the wind, we found that the weather station has collapsed. Sensitive equipment on the mast is secured, no attempts to put it upright are attempted. The MegaAres mast is still upright and LOAC is still functional.

09:32: Return to rovers, carrying the LOAC in its case with its battery, both loaded into Perseverance’s trunk.

09:35: Departure from the location of the instruments, between the Hab and Marble Ritual.

09:38: Arrival at North Ridge, radio contact with HabCom through Channel 1 is often cut off.

09:41: EVA crew begins exploring the area to reach pre-defined checkpoints.

10:00: Contact between EVA leader and EVA crew is partially lost, EVA leader switches to Channel 2 to hear her teammates better. The wind makes it difficult to hear each other.

10:08: Three out of the six checkpoints are reached, but the wind is becoming stronger and EVA crewmembers are cold. Decision to shorten EVA and return to the Hab for the crew’s safety.

10:18: EVA crew is back at the rovers.

10:20: Departure from North Ridge

10:24: EVA crew is back at the Hab, rovers are parked and plugged in.

10:30: EVA crew is safely inside the Hab.

Destination: North Ridge (first, we stopped where the MegaAres and the weather station are located)

Coordinates: N4252000 E519000

Participants: EVA Leader: Marie Delaroche (Crew Journalist), Alice Chapiron (Crew Scientist), and Corentin Senaux (HSO)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road until North Ridge, near the intersection with “Gateway to Candor”. we then walked North-West, up to an estimated 300 meters from the rover.

Mode of travel: Driving using Perseverance and Opportunity

Crew 275 EVA Report 22-02-2023

EVA # 9

Author: Alexandre VINAS (crew astronomer and EVA leader)

Purpose of EVA: Installation of the LOAC instrument & Maintenance of the other atmospheric instruments

Start time: NA (planned 14:00)

End time: NA (planned 17:00)


EVA canceled because of too high winds

Destination: /
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): NA (planned N4251000 E518500)

Participants: EVA leader : Alexandre Vinas (Crew Astronomer), Marie Delaroche (Crew Journalist), Corentin Senaux (HSO)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: NA (planned drive Cow Dung Road 0110 to a place just before Marble Ritual (see map on the attached picture))

Mode of travel: NA (planned Spirit and Curiosity)

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