GreenHab Report – February 26th

GreenHab Officer: Adrien Tison

Environmental control: Heater

Average Temperature: 71.2°F

Average humidity: 36 %

Hours of supplemental light: 0 hour

Daily water usage for crops: 11.98 gallons

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: 0gallons

Water in the blue tank: 174.62 gallons

Time(s) of watering for crops: 10:15 & 16:15

Changes to crops: N/A

Narrative: Today was our rest day, but the GreenHab doesn’t rest so I maintained and watered crops and plants as usual.

I will harvest the greens tomorrow for sure, we will use them to cook some recipes written by pupils with whom we worked before leaving the Earth!

Just to inform you, I noticed that there were chives growing in the carrot tank, I do not know which crew planted chive seeds in there, but it seems that it is now growing well!

I also want to affirm the supplemental light is off and that sunshades have been deployed. As there is no 40% sunshade but only 30%, 50%, and 60%, I deployed the 30% on the left side and the 50% on the right side, as shown on yesterday’s photographs I sent.

Besides that, the plants are doing good, fishes too.

The GreenHab is a peaceful place where everything looks, smells, and tastes heavenly…

Harvest: N/A

Support/supplies needed: I would like some advice to know exactly when you think plants are too tall and I must cut them, we wouldn’t want a jungle of tomato plants and dills.

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