EVA Report – February 27th

Crew 275 EVA Report 27Feb2023

EVA # 13

Author: Alice Chapiron, EVA Leader and Crew Scientist

Purpose of EVA: The purpose of the EVA was to perform photogrammetry at Candor Chasma using drones.

Start time: 9:05

End time: 12:49


09:05: Airlock closed.

09:11: Rovers Opportunity and Perseverance unplugged. We then left from the Hab at 09:14.

09:16: Rovers parked near the atmospheric instruments.

09:55: Data retrieved, and batteries changed for the Purple Air, LOAC, Mega-Ares, and Weather Station. The EVA crew is about to go back to the rovers to go to their target location (Candor Chasma)

10:03: Rovers are parked at the entrance of Gateway to Candor, the EVA Leader switches to channel 2 to communicate properly with her EVA crewmates, then the EVA Crew begins to walk towards their destination.

10:25: The EVA Crew enters Candor Chasma

10:45: The EVA Crew arrived at destination (further point they will go in Candor Chasma). The wind allowing us to fly the drone in Candor Chasma, the EVA crew walks back doing photogrammetry of Candor Chasma and defining the checkpoints.

12:10: The EVA Crew is tidying up their material. They are walking back to the rovers.

12:35: EVA Crew back to the Rovers.

12:41: Arrival at the Hab.

12:49: End of the EVA.

Destination: Candor Chasma

Coordinates: N4251000 E521500

Participants: EVA Leader: Alice Chapiron (Crew Scientist), Quentin Royer (Crew Engineer), and Corentin Senaux (HSO)

HAB COM: Adrien Tison (Crew Botanist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road until the intersection with “Gateway to Candor”, we then walked eastwards until Candor Chasma for an estimated 2.5 km from the rovers.

Mode of travel: Driving using Perseverance and Opportunity and walking

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