EVA Report – March 1th

Crew 275 EVA Report 01Mar2023

EVA # 14

Author: Adrien Tison, EVA Leader and Crew Botanist

Purpose of EVA: The purpose of the EVA is to perform the photogrammetry experiments with the 3D map

First, as it is on the way to Candor Chasma, we will change the batteries and collect the data of MegaAres, LOAC, Purple Air, METEO and the Field Mill.

We will then go to Candor Chasma where the two subjects of the experiment will try to find some specific checkpoints, while the operator of the experiment onsite will take time measurements and draw their trajectory on a map. In addition, the two subjects will be equipped with a step counter.

Due to the bad weather conditions (snow), the purpose of the EVA was modified, in agreement with Mission Support, so that very urgent operations could be conducted with our atmospheric instruments.

New purpose of the EVA: Change the batteries and retrieve data from our atmospheric instruments (LOAC, MegaAres, the Weather station, Purple air, and the Field Mill), repatriate LOAC to the Hab.

Start time: 11:26

End time: 12:14


11:26 – Airlock closed.

11:34 – Rovers Spirit and Curiosity unplugged.

11:35 – Rovers on their way to the location.

11:37 – Rovers parked near the atmospheric instruments.

11:47 – Data retrieved, and battery changed for Mega-Ares.

11:49 – LOAC has been put in a box to take it back to the Hab.

11:54 – The zip-lock in which was the Weather station device was open, the LED stopped blinking, we then decided to take it back to the Hab too.

11:54 – Data retrieved, and battery changed for Purple Air.

11:59 – Data has been successfully retrieved from the Field Mill. However, there were some issues while trying to change the battery. Measurements didn’t start as expected and the device switched off.

12:04 – It started snowing so we couldn’t stay enough time to solve the issue, we then decided to go back to the rovers.

12:07 – Rovers loaded and ready to go.

12:11 – Arrival in front of the Hab.

12:12 – Loading materials into the Airlock.

12:14 – Airlock closed.

12:19 – End of the EVA.

Destination: Between the Hab and Marble Ritual near the road.

Coordinates: N4251000 E518500

Participants: EVA Leader: Adrien Tison (Crew Botanist), Alice Chapiron (Crew Scientist), and Marie Delaroche (Crew Journalist)

HAB COM: Quentin Royer (Crew Engineer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive Cow Dung Road 0110 to a place just before Marble Ritual

Mode of travel: Driving using Spirit and Curiosity and walking

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