EVA Report – March 6th

Crew 275 EVA Report 06Mar2023

EVA # 18

Author: Adrien Tison, EVA Leader, and Crew Botanist

Purpose of EVA: The purpose of the EVA was to perform the photogrammetry experiments with the 3D map.

First, as it was on the way to Candor Chasma, we changed the batteries and re-installed the LOAC.

We then went to Candor Chasma, where the subject of the experiment tried to find some specific checkpoints, while the operators of the experiment onsite took time measurements and drew their trajectory on a map. In addition, the subject was equipped with a step counter. Indeed, as the Crew Journalist is injured, we performed the experiment with only one subject.

Start time: 9:05

End time: 12:39


9:05 – Airlock closed, depressurization starting

9:10 – Exiting Airlock, airlock closed

9:13 – Departure from Hab

9:16 – Arrival at the instruments’ site

9:25 – Batteries are being changed and data retrieved. MegaAres was off when we arrived

9:37 – Leaving the site

9:39 – Departure with the rovers

9:43 – Arrived at North Ridge

9:44 – Leaving the rovers and walking

9:54 – Radio check from HabCom– OK – HabCom is received very well on EVA

Leader’s side – Still on their way to Candor Chasma

10:05 – Brief contact with EVA leader, switching to channel 2

10:16 – Photogrammetry experiment starting, EVA leader has to search for the checkpoints

11:14 – Experiment over, exploration of Candor Chasma

11:51 – EVA Crew heading back to the rovers

12:32 – EVA Crew back at the rovers

12:36 – Passing Marble Ritual

12:38 – Rovers parked at the Hab

12:39 – Crew in Airlock

To conclude briefly, everything went to plan, batteries have been changed, LOAC is now in place and data have been retrieved. The photogrammetry experiment went perfectly well, all checkpoints were found quite quickly.

Destination: First we will stop where the MegaAres and the METEO station are

located; we will then go to Candor Chasma.

Coordinates: N4251000 E521500

EVA Participants: EVA Leader: Adrien Tison (Crew Botanist & Subject), Alice Chapiron (Crew Scientist & Operator), and Corentin Senaux (HSO & Operator)

HAB COM : Marie Delaroche (Crew Journalist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map – Cow Dung Road until the intersection with “Gateway to Candor”, we then walked eastwards until Candor Chasma for an estimated 2.5 km from the rovers.

Mode of travel – Driving and walking

Vehicles we used – Opportunity and Spirit

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