EVA Report – March 10th

Crew 275 EVA 22 Report 18Feb2023
EVA # 22

Author: Quentin Royer (Crew Engineer)
Purpose of EVA: Retrieval of all the atmospheric instruments

Start time: 09:07
End time: 10:43

The 3 crewmembers drove with the rovers and arrived to destination at 9:17. They unloaded the rovers and headed towards the instruments. The EVA Crew started with the meteorological mast. No problem was encountered during its dismantlement, and it was safely packed.
The EVA Crew then began to dismantle the MegaAres antenna, and first retrieved the two hemispheres. As they were very light, and as there were high winds, the crew decided to bring the equipment which were already dismantled back to the Hab.
The rovers were loaded, and the crew departed the atmospheric instruments’ location at 9:50.
Then, the EVA Crew unloaded the rovers and put the equipment in the main airlock, for retrieval by the rest of the Crew located in the Hab.
The EVA Crew was back on site at 9:54. The disassembled the rest of the MegaAres antenna with no problem. Then, the LOAC was retrieved and packed.
The EVA Crew was back at the Hab at 10:34.

All the objectives of the EVA were completed.

Destination: Between the Hab and Marble Ritual, near the road

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N4251000 E518500

EVA Participants :
• EVA leader: Quentin Royer (Crew Engineer)
• Alexandre Vinas (Crew Astronomer)
• Corentin Senaux (HSO)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive Cow Dung Road 0110 to a place just before Marble Ritual

Mode of travel: Driving, even if the destination was less than 1 km away, the crew needed to transport heavy instruments that also take up a lot of space.

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