Astronomy Report – October 31st



Name: Luis Diaz
Crew: 285
Date: 10/31/2023
Robotic Telescope Requested: MDRS-WF
Objects to be Imaged this Evening: Orion Nebula (M41) and maybe others.
Images submitted with this report: Veil Nebula (NGC 6960)
Problems Encountered:
– I have noticed that there are some circular spots like halos in all the photographs I have taken in the last few days and on all the objects. Perhaps it could be due to a dust stain or raindrop residue. I have been correcting them in post-processing but the work is complex. Can you do something about it?
* Tomorrow I will make my first contact and tests with the observatory.
Solar Features Observed: –
Images submitted with this report: –
Problems Encountered: –

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