EVA Report – November 17th

Crew 286 EVA #5 report 17-NOV-2023

EVA # 4

Author: Roger Gilbertson

Purpose of EVA:

We escorted the visiting photojournalists, Andrea and Caleb, on their first EVA to Marble Ritual. It was performed later in the day to take advantage of “late afternoon” light prior to sunset at 5:08 PM.

Start time for EVA: 2:30 pm

End time for EVA: 4:30 pm

Narrative: In the afternoon we completed radio training, then suited up and conducted EVA 5 with two rovers, two team members (Raj and LIzzy) driving, and two visitors (Caleb and Andrea) riding. Photography was conducted on hills next to Marble Ritual. On return to the rovers, a stretchy beanie cap was noticed to be missing. It was located after a brief retracing of our steps. We then drove back to the habitat and captured additional photos in the vicinity of the Observatory, before finally returning to base.

Destination: Marble Ritual

EVA Participants:
• Roger Gilbertson
• Liz Cole
• Andrea Orejarena
• Caleb Stein

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: N Cow Dung Rd, parking point WSG (518606,4251022)

Mode of travel: North on Cow Dung Rd to the parking point (518666,4251022), then walked to Marble Ritual (518799,4250996). After returning to the vehicles we drove back to the vicinity of the Observatory for some more photos. We then returned to the vehicles, and parked them at the Habitat.

Vehicles used: Spirit, Opportunity

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