Journalist Report – November 19th

Sol 07 Journalist Report 19-NOV-2023


It rained from early in the morning through mid day today.

Today’s intended EVA was to be a rescheduling of yesterday’s EVA, which had been cancelled due to rain. This EVA was intended to involve LiDAR scanning in the vicinity of the Observatory Dome and to set up equipment in preparation for a Martian music performance in the afternoon. The plan was for the equipment to be covered by a plastic tarp to protect in case of unexpected rain. The goal was for Scott Beibin (Crew Artist), Hugo Saugier (Crew Documentary Filmmaker) and Caleb Stein (photographer shooting for the New York Times) to conduct this EVA and take photos.

Today’s muddy conditions were deemed to be too risky for the astronauts to walk in, and unsafe for the delicate equipment including LiDAR scanning devices, camera gear, synthesizers, audio gear to be carried through.


With our EVAs cancelled, the crew pushed ahead on the projects that can be done inside. Guillaume Gégo (Crew Scientist) monitored bacterial growth for the experiment involving CO2 fixation by purple bacteria for space food production. In the Green Hab, Donald Jacques (Crew Executive Officer) planted tomatoes, additional herbs, and greens. Some carrots have sprouted. All of the crew prepared and collated our Mid-Mission reports.

In order to conserve water, a water – saving dishwashing system was put into place in the kitchen.


After dinner, Crew Artist Scott Beibin performed a Ptelepathetique Martian Music concert simulating the acoustics of Mars, inside of the science dome.

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