Journalist Report – November 22nd

Crew 286 EVA #9 report 22-NOV-2023
EVA # 9
Author: Roger Gilbertson
Purpose of EVA: To perform hi-res LIDAR scanning of the campus buildings and surroundings (Scott). To perform aerial 3D imaging via a drone (Liz).
Start time for EVA: 10:06 am
End time for EVA: 11:35 am (five minutes late)
Narrative: In the morning, the EVA crew realized they would not need the entire duration originally planned, and requested a later departure time to allow for better lighting of the campus structures.
Suiting up went smoothly, and equipment was placed in the airlock. Their work proceeded effectively. Liz encountered some configuration errors with the drone, and eventually realized that the information provided in the manual was not entirely correct, or that something had changed from the standard settings. Many excellent scans and aerial clips were captured. They successfully returned, but five minutes past the requested ending time.
Destination: habitat campus only
EVA Participants:
Scott Beibin
Liz Cole

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: none
Mode of travel: walking
Vehicles used: none

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