Commander Report – November 28th

Sol #2

Title: Getting Acquainted with Mars

Commander’s name: Enkhtuvshin "Dono" Doyodkhuu

Crew name: Alpha

Today was the first official day of our simulation. The crew woke up promptly in the morning, made breakfast, exercised, and meditated as a group. We have been listening to each other’s music in the mornings and evenings, which has been quite uplifting. The two test EVAs we did went as smoothly as it could, and we are excited for long-distance EVAs in the next couple days. The MARS-V analog suits we brought were comfortable and warm, and we imagine future Mars astronauts would wear something similar in design, excluding the LSS and temperature and pressure control. I am jotting down some of the findings from today’s activities:

· We should have a checklist of necessary preparation before every EVA:

1. COMMS check

2. Helmet check

3. Mesh equipment check

4. Start the track record

· We should do voice recordings during EVAs.

· Not being able to see the rear of the rover is quite difficult when driving. The mirror on the front is quite limiting. We should find a way around this if possible.

· Protective visor on the helmet would be great during sunny days.

· The size of the helmet being big is an advantage. It could be even bigger.

· The new MDRS helmet and LSS is ergonomically quite uncomfortable.

· The headset on the COMMS should be designed as a cap with a chin fastener to keep it steady.

· We had difficulties operating comms during EVAs since we had bulky gloves to simulate actual Mars suits. The talk button of the headset should be easily accessible. We should find a way to keep it at an easy-to-access location on the outside of the helmet.

· Temperature control inside the suits is desired.

We will keep noting our comments and remarks after every meal and EVA since the freeze-dried recipe and the analog suits are two of the priorities of this rotation. Over and out.

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