Crew 287 Crew biographies, photos and mission patch 26Nov2023

[title  Crew biographies, photos and mission patch – November 26th]

Crew HSO; Dulsaikhan "Duluu" Zorig:

I specialize in children’s dental care. My professional interests lie in promoting dental health. Since 2020, I’ve been part of the MARS-V program, initially as a member of the program development team. I’ve since taken on the role of leading the module development team.

Outside of work, I enjoy archery, a sport I began training in a year ago. My ambition is to compete in the 2028 World Olympics.

In 2020, I played a pivotal role in shaping the MARS-V analog station program, researching the various protocols used by MDRS. It’s been an exciting journey, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the 287th crew at the MDRS.

Crew Psychologist; Tungalag "Tungaa" Bat-Erdene:

I have a strong interest in business, especially in managing finances and investments, as well as planning strategies and projects. My studies in Business Administration have equipped me with the tools to find new and smart ways to work in these areas.

I’m also fascinated by the study of the mind. Over the last few years, I’ve been learning about psychology and how our brains work, which shows my broad range of interests.

I love tackling new challenges and learning new things, whether it’s in the business world or understanding human behavior. I’m all about getting better and broadening my knowledge.

Let’s discover and succeed together!

Crew Engineer; Munkh-Erdene "Muggi" Altankhuyag:

I work as an electrical engineer with a focus on designing electrical systems at Oyu Tolgoi, part of RioTinto LLC. Since 2021, I’ve been involved with the Mars-V project, where I’ve taken the lead on designing the mission command center and currently serve as the engineering specialist for the 287th crew.

Crew Commander; Enkhtuvshin "Dono" Doyodkhuu:

I have a background in astrophysics, and I’m fascinated by Mars’ evolution and its significance for astrobiology, space resource extraction, and its potential as a secondary home for humanity. Since joining the MARS-V project in 2020, I’ve been part of program development, technology, and foreign affairs teams. Currently, as the operations manager for MARS-V, I’m committed to advancing Mongolia’s contribution to space exploration. I’m excited to lead the 287th crew at the MDRS, where we’re experimenting with Mongolian freeze-dried meals, testing a newly developed Mars analog suit, and refining the MARS-V station program. This experience, alongside my fellow Mars enthusiasts at MDRS, promises to be a profound learning opportunity.

Crew Journalist; Munkhnaran "Sunny" Davaatseren:

I’m Sunny, and I lead the Human Resources for the MARS-V project back home in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. With my HR Management Master’s degree, I focus on guiding our team strategically while nurturing my love for community involvement and the great outdoors, especially hiking.

I played basketball competitively in school, which taught me a lot about working together and staying strong through challenges. These days, as a proud JCI Senator and the founder of the JCI Nomadic chapter, I work hard for community betterment and equal opportunities for all, especially in my role on the board of the JCI Women’s Club.

Whether I’m at work or volunteering, I’m all about creating spaces where everyone feels valued and making a difference that counts. Leading by example, I hope to motivate others to reach for their best and make an impact that matters.

Crew Geologist; Davaa-Ochir "Davaa" Dashbaatar:

As a Geologist and lead of projects with over 20 years of experience in Mongolia and Southeast Asia, my geology background has been a key asset in understanding planetary exploration and science. I have a deep understanding of the unique geological landscape of Mongolia and have leveraged this expertise to successfully lead teams in mineral exploration, development, and production. Throughout my career, I have been instrumental in developing and implementing strategic plans, optimizing operational processes, and building strong relationships with stakeholders for the mining projects. My ability to navigate complex regulatory and environmental challenges has enabled me to successfully deliver on projects and build a reputation as a trusted industry leader.

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