EVA Report – December 1st

Sol #5: A Journey of Discovery to Somerville Overlook

EVA Crew Lead: Journalist Sunny
Team Members: HSE Officer Duluu, Geologist Davaa, Engineer Muggi
CapCom: Tunga
Objective: Our mission was to reach and explore Compass Rock, utilizing drone technology for remote reconnaissance and surveying areas inaccessible by foot or rover.

Weather Conditions: The weather was favorable, with cloudy skies and temperatures ranging from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius, conducive to outdoor exploration activities.

Activities and Observations:

The EVA began at 10:15 a.m., with our team navigating the terrain in the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.
We successfully reached Somerville Overlook, which presented a landscape strikingly similar to the Martian surface.
Our drone operations were a highlight, capturing stunning images and providing valuable insights into areas beyond our physical reach.
During the EVA, we observed a faster-than-expected depletion of the rovers’ batteries. This led to a strategic pause at approximately halfway, with the rovers at about 55% battery capacity.
Upon returning to base at 12:45 p.m., we noted the rovers still had 30% battery left, an intriguing finding that may influence future planning.
Challenges and Solutions:

Battery Concerns: The unexpected battery drain posed a potential risk to our mission, but careful management and monitoring allowed for a safe return with sufficient power reserves.
Communication Disruption: We experienced a loss of connection with CapCom Tungaa over a long distance. This was promptly reported to Mission Support, who advised patience until the connection was restored, which occurred upon our return.
Conclusion and Next Steps: Today’s EVA to Compass Rock was a blend of successful exploration and technological testing, tempered by the challenges of battery management and communication issues. These experiences provide valuable lessons for future missions, particularly in the areas of resource conservation and communication strategies. Encouraged by today’s accomplishments and equipped with new insights, we are optimistic about extending our exploratory capabilities in the upcoming EVAs.

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