Crew 287 Mid-mission Research Report – 03Dec2023

[title Midmission Research Report – December 3rd]
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MDRS Rotation #287: Alpha Crew

· Commander: Enkhtuvshin “Dono” Doyodkhuu

· HSO & Green Hab Officer: Dulsaikhan “Duluu” Zorig

· Engineer: Munkh-Erdene “Muggi” Altankhuyag

· Geologist: Davaa-Ochir “Davaa” Dashbaatar

· Psychologist & Microbiologist: Tungalag “Tungaa” Baterdene

· Journalist: Munkhnaran “Sunny” Davaatseren

Date: November 27th, 2023 – December 3rd, 2023. Sol 1 up to Sol 7.

Mission Goals:

· Development of MARS-V Training Program

· Experimentation with Mars Analog Food

· Testing MARS-V Analog Suit

· Improving Mars Analog Station Structure

· Learning from MDRS Operational Structure

1. Training Program Development:

Crew members have engaged in various EVAs, showing adaptability and proficiency in Mars-simulated conditions. EVA reports indicate successful completion of set objectives, with a focus on geological and microbiological explorations.

Team dynamics and psychological resilience have been tested through diverse tasks, reflecting the ‘Challenge Takers’, ‘Science Takers’, and ‘Experience Takers’ aspects of the program.

2. Mars Analog Food:

A mix of station-provided and freeze-dried Mongolian food has been used, with crew members creatively preparing meals. Feedback on packaging, cooking instructions, and quality will contribute to improving the food system for future missions.

3. Analog Suit Testing:

Crew members have tested the MARS-V analog suits, noting ergonomic aspects and suggesting improvements, particularly in helmet design and life support systems.

4. Mars Analog Station Structure:

Daily operations have highlighted the importance of power and water management. The crew’s adaptation to station life provides valuable insights into the living conditions and necessary resources for an effective Mars station.

5. Learning from MDRS:

Crew has been closely monitoring and learning from MDRS protocols and mission support systems, which will be instrumental in developing the MARS-V station.


· Rover battery management—addressed promptly.

· The need for more efficient water usage and conservation strategies.

Physical and Mental Health:

Crew members report good physical health and high morale. Regular exercise, meditation, and team bonding activities have been beneficial.


Generally sunny with some cloud cover, aiding in EVA operations.

Next Steps:

· Continued exploration and documentation using the drone.

· Focus on geological and microbiological sample collection.

· Testing of aeroponic equipment in the Greenhab.

· Further development of MARS-V training program elements and station design.


As Crew Rotation #287 approaches the midpoint of its mission, the team has shown remarkable adaptability, teamwork, and scientific rigor. The experiences and data gathered so far are not only contributing to the immediate mission goals but also laying a solid foundation for the future development of the MARS-V analog station in the Gobi, enhancing training programs, and refining Mars analog food and suit systems. The crew remains enthusiastic and committed to maximizing the outcomes of the remaining mission days.

P.S. Attached are the EVA map tracking we have done the past week, and two edited drone videos for entertainment.

Post excursion.mp4
Drone Footage.mp4

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