Journalist Report – December 15th

Lipi Roy, Crew 288 Journalist
Sol 05
With Hunter’s spam fried rice for breakfast, my potato parathas for lunch, and Cesare’s pizzas for dinner, seems like this crew has found their salvation in isolation. In a long, four-hour walking-EVA, it is important to be fed well – before AND after!
Today, Cesare (Commander), Hunter (Geologist), Jilian (HSO), and Jesus(Crew Engineer) walked up to Skyline Rim to collect more geology samples. In the vast expanse of the red planet, the group walked up to Hab Ridge first, where we could spot their tiny faces from the commander’s window. A friendly wave to our friends; awaiting their safe return. We could intermittently hear them play ’20 questions’ to spice up the walk. Great idea, crew!
We welcomed them back with another round of kitchen experiments (which, thankfully, did not go wrong this time). Everyone seemed to enjoy the Indian parathas I made; hope they helped satisfy the exhausted astronauts.
The best part would still be the assortment of four pizzas by our commander – basil/mushroom, meat lover’s, pineapple/spam, and Nutella. Topped up with freshly harvested herbs from the Greenhab (thanks to our GHO, Ryan), what more could someone ask for?

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