Journalist Report – December 2nd

Sol #6
Title: A Day of Nutritious Balance and Advanced Exploration
Journalist’s name: Sunny
Crew name: Alpha
Crew number: 287

On Sol #6, the importance of nutrition and wellness was at the forefront of our morning routine. The day began with a log meeting with MARS-V Remote Control team lead Tulgaa, who showed great interest in our health and dietary habits. The provision of freeze-dried foods from Mongolia, courtesy of the MARS-V nutrition team, ensures that we maintain a healthy diet, a source of happiness and energy in this Mars simulation environment.

Post meeting, our morning continued with a delicious breakfast, followed by exercise and mindful meditation, setting a positive tone for the day.

The day’s main event was EVA #6, led by HSO Duluu. Team members Geologist Davaa, Psychologist Tunga, and Engineer Muggi, serving as CapCom, embarked on a mission to the Overlook. Their objectives were multifaceted: to collect soil samples and employ drone technology for remote reconnaissance and surveying. Favorable weather conditions further boosted the crew’s efficiency and morale. With each EVA, our team grows more adept and experienced in Martian exploration.

Back at the base, HSO Duluu engaged in vital work at the Green Hab, planting cucumbers using a new Hydroponic wick system. The sight of micro-greens, sprouted just three days ago, brought her immense joy and is a testament to our advancing agricultural capabilities on this simulated Martian landscape.

A highlight of Sol #6 was our team bonding game, a psychological exercise designed to enhance group dynamics. The game’s outcome was not only impressive but also highly recommended for fostering team cohesion and understanding.

As we conclude Sol #6, it’s evident that the balance of physical well-being, mental health, and team collaboration is pivotal to our success here. Each activity, be it a meal, meditation, EVA, or team game, plays a crucial role in our overall mission. These daily practices are shaping us into a more resilient and cohesive unit, ready to tackle the challenges of Mars exploration.

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