Journalist Report – December 3rd

Sol #7
Title: Synergy in Science and SustenanceJournalist’s name: Sunny
Crew name: Alpha
Crew number: 287

On Sol 7, our day commenced with a leisurely start at 9 AM, breaking our fast with oatmeal, a shared exercise session, and a group meditation, collectively gearing up for the day’s tasks. Post-breakfast, the crew geared up for EVA #7, departing for White Rock Canyon to conduct reconnaissance, soil sampling, and drone footage.

Mealtimes were a highlight with Duluu preparing a varied lunch and Muggi serving up a spicy penne soup for dinner. These moments of communal dining underscored the unity and morale of our team, reinforcing the importance of shared experiences in maintaining crew spirit.

Scientific work pressed on with Davaa initiating his mud sample tests and Duluu tending to the Greenhab’s thriving plants. Despite a small hiccup in Tungaa’s microbiological research due to missing petri dishes, the crew’s productivity remained unhampered.

Muggi’s increasing drone piloting proficiency has greatly contributed to our surveying capabilities, while I continued to engage the public with our mission’s progress and day-to-day life. The crew’s anticipation for accessing the Musk Observatory remains, with hopes to integrate astronomical observations into our research soon.

As the Sol concludes, we reflect on a day marked by successful teamwork and scientific endeavor. Tomorrow’s plans include an out-of-sim excursion to further our exploration and documentation of this unique environment. The spirit of collaboration and discovery remains strong within Crew 287 as we look forward to the advancements and insights each new Sol brings.

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