Journalist Report – December 6th

Sol #10
Title: Continued Exploration and Culinary Innovation
Crew name: Alpha
Crew number: #287

As Sol 10 dawned at the Mars Desert Research Station, we were welcomed with another day of sunshine and warmth. The crew’s day began with a nutritious breakfast and routine exercise, infusing a positive energy amongst us. This set the stage for a day filled with diverse and impactful research and sustainability projects.

HSO Duluu and Geologist Davaa focused on geological tasks tailored for the MARS-V Program’s “Science taker”, “Challenge taker”, and “Experience taker” categories, contributing valuable insights to our collective understanding.

A key highlight of our daily life at the station has been the innovative culinary endeavors led by Engineer Muggi and HSO Duluu, especially with the use of red cabbage from our Greenhub. This nutritious and vibrant vegetable has brought not only a dash of color and variety to our meals but also underscored the importance of sustainable agriculture in space environments.

The crew engaged in an online meeting with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs team, discussing the MARS-V Analog Beta Helmet development. The meeting was progressive and effective, adding momentum to our technological advancements.

As we approach the end of our mission, the crew remains deeply committed to achieving our established goals. The anticipation of concluding our journey brings a mix of excitement and reflective thoughts on the invaluable experiences and learnings we’ve gathered here.

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