Sol Summary – December 12th

Sol: 2
Summary Title: Finally on Mars
Author’s name: Cesare Guariniello
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary: after a little delay on Earth yesterday, which provided the crew with some breathtaking stargazing time, crew 288, named after Phobos (in conjunction with the twin crew 289 Deimos), finally woke up on Mars. Ryan, our Green Hab Officer, prepared a tasty and healthy breakfast of oatmeal and dehydrated fruit, flavored with honey and Nutella. Despite the delay in communication between the Earth and Mars, some crew members managed to receive important transmissions, including the questions for a final exam!
And then, finally the first experiences with Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVA). For the first excursion to Marble Ritual, the Executive Officer Riley, Crew Geologist Hunter, and Crew Journalist Lipi suited up and experienced the first rover ride and the first walk outside the habitat in a space suit. Meanwhile, the remaining crew at the habitat listened to the comments by the EVA crew on the geology of the surroundings. After the ingress of the first EVA, the Crew Commander Cesare, Crew Engineer Jesus, Health and Safety Officer Jilian, and Green Hab Officer Ryan donned their suit to reach Marble Ritual and explore the surroundings.
The afternoon was spent playing card games, writing Christmas, and planning for the next days. While working on the daily report, the crew enjoyed a wonderful dinner with mujadara (based on lentils and rice), prepared by Jilian. Funfetti cake is in the oven right now, courtesy of Hunter, and the crew is working hard on their research project.

Anomalies in work: one headset works intermittently.
Weather: Sunny and cold in the morning, increasing clouds in the afternoon.
Crew Physical Status: Everybody is in great health and happy mood.
EVA: Successfully performed two Marble Ritual EVAs today.
Reports to be filed: Sol summary, Journalist report, Operations report, Greenhab report, EVA reports, EVA Request, Astronomy Report, Photos.
Support Requested: None.

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