Sol Summary – December 15th

Sol: 5
Summary Title: A Long Walk to Geo Samples
Author’s name: Jilian Welshoff
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
Crew 288 started the day off at 7:45AM for a breakfast of spam fried rice made by Hunter (GEO). We shared some music recommendations and jammed out while doing dishes. The crew then prepped for another long EVA, including 4 crew members, Cesare (CMD), Hunter (GEO), Jesus (ENG), and Jilian (HSO) who were going on EVA #5 to Skyline Rim to collect more geology samples. They walked to Hab Ridge first to spot the HAB from a bird’s eye view and then continued to their destination. The walk their took about an hour and they collected about three bags of samples, picking up shell fossils and gypsum along the way.
The crew that stayed behind had a day of work and cooking experimenting, with research papers, security backgrounds, and Lipi who tried out some new recipes and made a Hab-friendly paratha recipe, which should definitely be added to the MDRS recipe book.
After returning from EVA, the crew got to enjoy leftovers and Lipi’s creation from the rest of the crew and snacks and tea. Ryan went to the Greenhab to harvest more greens for a salad and garnish for dinner. The EVA crew had some time to relax and read, grade work, and download photos. Later we enjoyed a pizza dinner made by commander Cesare and had some pizza crust with Nutella, peanut butter, and assorted dried fruits for dessert!
Look Ahead Plan: EVA #6 to collect GPR data, continue maintenance on the Greenhab plants
Anomalies in work: Our inflatable Baby Yoda will not inflate anymore
Weather: Beautiful day outside, sunny overall and great temperature for EVA
Crew Physical Status: Morale is high, and everyone physically is well just sore from EVAs
EVA: Successfully performed EVA #5 to Skyline Rim and Hab Ridge
Reports to be filed: Eva Report, Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Sol Summary, Eva Request, Photos
Support Requested: None

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