EVA Report – December 16th

EVA # 6
Author: Riley McGlasson 
Purpose of EVA: EVA to obtain a large GPR survey and assess hydration content paired with geologic characterization and sampling.
Start time: 1100
End time: 1530
Narrative: EVA began at 1100 led by Hunter and Riley (out of sim due to broken leg) and joined by Cesare and Lipi. The crew took Spirit and Opportunity rovers north on Cow Dung Road. Spirit started with 100% charge and 238.9 hours. Opportunity started with 100% charge and 149.7 hours. The crew drove north on Cow Dung Road until turning East on Galileo road, which they drove until reaching Compass Rock. At this point the rovers had between 60% and 65% charge, so it was clear that they would not be able to reach Somerville Overlook. On the NW side of Compass Rock they set up a 100 ft by 100ft survey side with 10ft grid spacing for GPR acquisition. After testing that the GPR survey wheel issue was fixed (it was!), the team took an excellent GPR grid that Riley is very much looking forward to analyzing. After taking the GPR survey, Hunter led sampling and spectra collection at 6 sites within the survey region. The team then started to head back to the HAB, pausing whenever Hunter (crew geologist) saw a cool rock or distant rock formation. The team made it back to the HAB with Spirit at 43% charge and 239.4 hours and Curiosity at 51% and 150.4 hours. They began the reentry process for the HAB at 1520.
Destination: Compass Rock and Somerville Overlook (only made it to Compass Rock)
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N522000 E4253000 (planned), N520000 E4252000 (actual)
Participants: Riley McGlasson (Executive Officer), Lipi Roy (Crew Journalist), Cesare Guariniello (Crew Commander), Hunter Vannier (Crew Geologist)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive North on Cow Dung Road until turning east onto Galileo Rd 1104 and driving that until Compass Rock. Walk less than ½ a km to get to GPR site.
Mode of travel: driving and walking (Spirit and Opportunity)

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