Journalist Report – December 17th

Lipi Roy, Crew 288 Journalist
Sol 07
Boardgames, delicacies, and naps. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect Sunday? Crew 288 took time off from work today to relax and recharge (and eat…a lot!). After all, as Isaac Mizrahi said, “the more relaxed you can get, the better you’ll do”.
The day began on a ‘sweet’ note with Jilian’s (HSO) and Riley’s (XO) banana muffins. Yum! The muffins were a perfect combination to go with the strategic boardgame, ‘Trails’, which occupied most of mine, Ryan’s (GHO), and Jesus’s(ENG) morning. Meanwhile, Riley and Jilian found their peace in reading, as Hunter graded assignments and could only dream of relaxing. In the meantime, our Commander, Cesare, prepared a scrumptious baked Ziti for lunch, making the day even better!
Having said that, it was no less a day of learning! I learnt the process of ‘hand pollination’ from Ryan as he let me pollinate the cucumber plants, while our XO and Crew Engineer soaked up ‘drone flying’ wisdom from Cesare.
Afternoon naps ended with a cutthroat competition in ‘Bananagrams’. Actually, not really. It’s barely a competition when Riley is playing. At least let somebody else win for once, Riley!
The evening was bound to be eventful as Ryan took the lead on baking once again. It so happens to be that Ryan and ‘sugar’ just don’t go well together. But in all honesty, it wasn’t too bad. We can work with sugar ‘dip’ instead of sugar ‘frosting’! But thanks to him, we enjoyed a group activity of carving out ‘Mars’ and ‘Christmas’ themed cookies! Thanks, Ryan, for taking the initiative!
As we enjoy the sugar cookies with the sugar/chocolate dip, we await a fun night of stargazing!

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