Sol Summary – December 19th

Sol: 9
Summary Title: A Slop Kind of Day
Author’s name: Jilian Welshoff
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
Crew 288 started the day off at 7:30AM for a breakfast of crepes made by Cesare (CMD). They enjoyed putting on their own toppings and creating different variations. They spent the rest of the morning with some reading, then prepped for EVA #8. After they prepped, Riley (XO), Hunter (GEO), Lipi (JOU), and Ryan (GHO) headed out to area North of Brahe Highway to collect GPR and geology spectrum samples. They had a fun time creating grids and collecting data and picking up trash along the way to clean up!
The crew at the HAB had a day of baking and reading. Cesare (CMD) made a savory garlic and herb bread which was a delicious snack for the crew coming back from EVA. Jilian (HSO) also was baking and made some coffee cake! Jesus (ENG) was hard at work in the Science Dome for most of the day annealing silicon at 250 degrees with moisture in an oven to grow oxide for his research.
After returning from EVA, the crew enjoyed the baking efforts of Cesare and Jilian. Then they had a nice surprise from their commander. He brought “slop” a tokened term by Crew 288, also known as tubed space food! It was super fun to try out food products, such as French fries, chicken nuggets, and borsch that astronauts would eat but in tube form! Ryan (GHO) collected some cilantro for dinner and Riley (XO) and Hunter (GEO) made tacos for the crew’s Taco Tuesday.

Look Ahead Plan: Continue going on EVAs to aid in research
Anomalies in work: None
Weather: Beautiful day outside, sunny
Crew Physical Status: A little tired from EVAs physically but morale is high!
EVA: EVA #8 to “Sea of Shells” completed
Reports to be filed: Eva Request, EVA Report, Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Sol Summary, Photos
Support Requested: None

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