Sol Summary – December 21st

Sol: 11
Summary Title: Finale Official Day on Mars
Author’s name: Jilian Welshoff
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
Crew 288 started the day off at 7:30AM for a breakfast of banana peanut butter pancakes made by Ryan (GHO). They had an earlier time for EVA so not much time for reading today post breakfast. The crew got ready to prep and Hunter (GEO), Jilian (HSO), Cesare (CMD), and Ryan (GHO) set out for the final EVA, #11 to Somerville Overlook. The EVA crew had a bumpy ride out to the walking destination and collected some final geology samples. The view and antelopes were worth the walk and the crew enjoyed the beautiful day for a finale to the mission.
The crew at the HAB had a day of relaxing and “CAPCOMing”. Riley wrote about geology and served as an awesome CAPCOM. Jesus was prepping for leaving and spent the day in the Science Dome finishing up and packing all his samples and equipment. Lipi had a day of listening and learning, Jesus explained photolithography and Riley and her had lovely conversations about geology and life.
After returning from EVA, the crew enjoyed leftovers of peanut butter pancakes and tacos. Ryan (GHO) collected parsley from the Greenhab to assist with dinners menu. Lipi had an adventure baking brownies, with the challenge being no eggs. She conquered the brownies kinda creating what we call “Choc Slop”. Delicious! Hunter and Riley spent time in the Science Dome analyzing data and Ryan watered plants in the Greenhab.
The crews plan for tonight is to eat a wonderful dinner cooked by Hunter and enjoy our last full day of simulation, as tomorrow includes cleaning and prepping to return home from Mars.
Look Ahead Plan: Looking forward to returning to Earth
Anomalies in work: Crew car waiting to be fixed
Weather: Cold and cloudy in the morning, sunny and beautiful in the afternoon.
Crew Physical Status: Sore but morale is high!
EVA: EVA #11 to Somerville Overlook
Reports to be filed: EVA Report, Journalist Report, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Sol Summary, Astronomy Report, Photos
Support Requested: None

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