GreenHab Report – December 26th

Crew 289 GreenHab Report : 26-12-2023 (Sol 2)
GreenHab Officer: Riya Raj
Environmental Control: Heater on, fan off, door closed.
Average Temperatures:
Avg Temp – 2:45pm (89.7 °F)
Relative Humidity – 12%
**After Watering and Turning Fan ON:
Fan Duration: 4:07 minutes
Avg Temp – 3:08pm (80.4 °F)
Relative Humidity – 52% (This is good range)
Avg Temp: 6:22pm (65.3 °F)
Relative Humidity – 15%
Hour of supplemental light: 10pm-2am (4 hours)
Daily water usage for crops: Sol 2 – 2.4 gallons
Water in Blue Tank (200 gallon capacity): 193.45 gallons
Times of Watering for Crops: Sol 2 – 3:08pm
Changes to Crops: Tied metal wires to the stakes of the cucumber plants so that they don’t keep falling and droop over. I made the knot snug (not to tight)! I made a composting pot with the orange peels and dead leaves.
Sol 2: Today’s weather was a little better than yesterday. The main thing that concerns me is the dry atmosphere there. I will start doing pH level tests for the larger plants and carrots. After replanting the carrot plants yesterday, they look a little sad, but I’m guessing the low humidity level is playing a big part into it. I have been saving the produce scraps from out food (like oranges) to use as compost for the soil. We can get more natural fertilizer, less waste, and provide raw nutrients for the soil like this. After creating the compost mixture, I moistened it and left it on the rack. I also used an extra 3 liters of water to place it in clay pans all over the greenhouse. Hopefully with this, the water can slowly evaporate with the heater on and increase humidity levels. I went through the cabinets and tried to search for a spray bottle. Couldn’t find one in the science dome either. I found a pesticide spray that could work instead but there is no rod for it. I want to use the spray to mist the water in the greenhouse and moisten the air before the afternoon heat hits here.
For harvesting, there were a lot of leaves overcrowding. I took large bunches of the kale, lettuce, and arugula. The crew used these to make a mango/almond salad along with the Thai Curry and rice we had for dinner.
Sol 2 Harvest:
Kale: 56 grams
Arugula: 30 grams
Lettuce: 22 grams
Support/supplies needed: Do you know if the large, black rod for the pesticide spray is somewhere? Not spray pesticide, just water.

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