GreenHab Report – December 28th

Crew 289 GreenHab Report : 28-12-2023 (Sol 4)
GreenHab Officer: Riya Raj
Environmental Control: Heater on, fan off, door closed.
Average Temperatures:
Avg Temp – 10:13 am ( 71.4°F)
Relative Humidity – 13 %
**After Watering:
Avg Temp – 10:14 am (68°F)
Relative Humidity – 56%
Used 3.1 gallon to water all the plants (used more earlier in the day to help with heat)
Avg Temp – 3:30 pm (83°F)
Relative Humidity – 10%
Used a spray bottle to keep the air moist during the heat
**After Watering:
Avg Temp – 3:45 pm (75°F)
Relative Humidity – 52%
Used 3.1 gallon to water all the plants (used more earlier in the day to help with heat)
Hour of supplemental light: 10pm-2am (4 hours)
Daily water usage for crops: Sol 4 – 5.1 gallons
Water in Blue Tank (200 gallon capacity): 186.05 gallons
Times of Watering for Crops: Sol 4 – 10:14 am & 3:45pm
Changes to Crops: Tied a few more cucumber plants and composted more things!
Sol 3:
I started off today as usual by heading to the GreenHab while on the way to do my work in the Science Dome. We made relatively easy dishes today, so I did not harvest anything. We made parmesan broccoli with the pizzas so I used the leftover dehydrated broccoli (powdery) to put in the soil along with more orange peels and coffee grounds. I have been keeping up with the humidity by using the mister spray bottle. I will continue to mist occasionally throughout the day, depending on EVAs too. I also took pH level readings of most of the plants just to check if everything is healthy!
      Soil pH Levels:
      Static Water Tank (8.45)
      Carrots (7.71)
      Cucumbers (7.5)
      Tomatoes (6.63)
      For Eshaana’s plants, we are thinking of using plastic food wrap to help with the condensation. This can help with water conservation too! I can try to use this for the tomato plants as well. I also noticed that the kale, lettuce, and arugula that I harvested a few days ago, are now growing more baby plants! The radish also doesn’t seem too sad and the stems seem to be stronger. With the carrots, I will have to keep checking on it since the leaves look depressed lolz…
Sol 3 Harvest: None
Support/supplies needed: None

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