GreenHab Report – December 30st

GreenHab Officer: Riya Raj
Environmental Control: Heater on, fan off, door closed.
Average Temperatures:
Avg Temp – 9:39 am (68 °F)
Relative Humidity – 13 %
**After Watering:
Avg Temp – 9:43 am (66.2°F)
Relative Humidity – 66%
Used 3 gallon to water all the plants (includes misting amount)
Avg Temp – 4:12 pm (70.3°F)
Relative Humidity – 14%
**After Watering:
Avg Temp – 4:21 pm (68°F)
Relative Humidity – 55%
Used 2.8 gallons to water all the plants (includes more misting)
Hour of supplemental light: 10pm-2am (4 hours)
Daily water usage for crops: Sol 6 – 5.9 gallons
(includes 32 oz of sprayed mist at 10pm on 12/29)
Water in Blue Tank (200-gallon capacity): 174.85 gallons
Times of Watering for Crops: Sol 6 – 9:43 am & 4:21 pm
Changes to Crops: added large stakes to cucumber plants in the corner. Planted some new mint seeds and replanted the spinach seeds!
Sol 6:
The cling wrap works like a charm lolz. This is a great way to work around the dry humidity in the greenhab. The old leaves of the carrot plants are dying out while being replaced with new baby leaves and stems! The wrap on Eshaana’s plants are also working greatly because she also has a third sprout now! I moved over the wooden pallet to allow maximum sunlight on her teeny pots! My hydroponics experiemnet is also starting to have 10-15 more cracked seedlings and sprouts!!
I added some of the large stakes to help the cucumber plants in the giant blue tank pot stand up and eat some sunlight! The leaves were just growing on top of each other without any light shining on them. Now they are happy and tall! I then looked into the veggies and herbs that are already planted and I planted some mint! There is very little mint in the other pot so I used the rest of the seeds! Tomorrow, I will be planting something new as well…onions!!! I would like to see some more color in the greenhouse, so planting some flowers might be something to do in the future! Flowers are super pretty! ^-^ I will make an inventory or list of all the plants that have already been planted in the greenhab to prevent planting multiple veggies.
Sol 6 Harvest:
Basil: 1 gram (was a lot of leaves, I promise)
Support/supplies needed: None

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