GreenHab Report – January 4th

Crew 289 GreenHab Report : 4-1-2024 (Sol 11)
GreenHab Officer: Riya Raj
Environmental Control: Heater on, fan off, door closed.
Average Temperatures:
Avg Temp – 9:40 am (68.2 °F)
Relative Humidity – 23 %
**After Watering:
Avg Temp – 9:47 am (68.7 °F)
Relative Humidity – 91%
Used 2 gallons and 18 oz to water all the plants
Humidity was higher, so I used less water since it was snowy today!!
Avg Temp – 4:30 pm (74.8°F)
Relative Humidity – 41 %
**After Watering:
Avg Temp – 5:15 pm (69.8°F)
Relative Humidity – 65%
Used 3 gallons and 26 oz to water all the plants (includes more misting)
Hour of supplemental light: 10pm-2am (4 hours)
Daily water usage for crops: Sol 11 – 5.4 gallons
Water in Blue Tank (200-gallon capacity): 146.62 gallons
Times of Watering for Crops: Sol 11 – 9:47 am & 5:15 pm
Changes to Crops: Rearranged and cleaned greenhab, added inventory list, arranged the tomato cages
Sol 11:
I woke up today with the outside landscape covered with a floofy blanket of snow!Since our EVA was canceled today, we had the whole day to work on our research! I started working on my air quality sensor and it should be almost done! I went to the I wanted to check on the tomatoes and there are now 22 tomatoes! There are a bunch of baby ones that have been slowly growing and they look so cute! Adriana made some awesome pasta salad again for lunch and we used most of the kale, lettuce, and basil!
After lunch, I went back to the greenhab to work on cleaning up! I taped the inventory list on the large tank to help keep track when planting! I also worked on organizing the plants and tools! I used the empty white baskets to arrange the gloves and spades. The tomato plants were growing their leaves really fast, and I wanted to space them out. I put the smaller plants in the front near the wall for extra sun and I put the plants with the most tomatoes in between to keep the moisture proper. I arranged it as 4×3 to keep the spacing even. I also put the broccoli and radish plants in the front with the mint! OH! I saw one tiny little mint leaf growing so I am hopeful! I put the cling wrap on it again and poked in more holes! Eshaana is also making some yummy curry and rice again, so I grabbed some cilantro leaves for her!
Sol 11 Harvest:
Cilantro: 9 grams
Kale: 34 grams
Basil: 4 grams
Lettuce: 12 grams
Support/supplies needed: None

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